LeafNet is a blockchain enabled marketplace for producers, wholesalers and distributors transacting in Cannabis and Hemp products.

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What is leafnet?

LeafNet is a powerful and engaging network that facilitates online ordering of cannabis products and communicates essential industry information in real time to its user base in a blockchain enabled secure environment.

Licensed Marijuana Producers

can use leafnet to:

  • book wholesale orders ahead of harvest
  • sell left-over trim and byproduct
  • sell finished product directly to dispensaries
  • buy and sell clones and seeds

Marijuana Processors

can use leafnet to:

  • buy extraction-grade product
  • buy cooking grade product
  • sell extract concentrates or finished consumables

Marijuana Dispensaries

can use leafnet to:

  • get the best rate on wholesale products and consumables
  • be sure the products they’re selling are GENUINE and CERTIFIED and TRACEABLE


can use Leafhub to:

  • ensure the marijuana being sold to the public is safe, legal and high quality
  • verify tax and royalty payments
  • keep all levels of the process honest
  • monitor the marketplace

How it Works

Leafnet enables producers to list current products and future harvests. Once entered on the system, Leafnet will broadcast that product to a targeted audience. Wholesalers, processors and dispensaries can purchase or pre-purchase items listed on the network. Key elements of this cycle are logged on the Blockchain ensuring traceability, certified product and compliance.

Licensed marijuana producers make various products available to a specific buyer or group of buyers on existing product or future harvests. Leafnet buyers can purchase all or parts of the product offered. Left over product and designated items can be sent to the marketplace where they can be purchased in quantities of various sizes. Leafnet will broadcast product information in real time via the mass communication application.

Processors and Wholesalers Can pre-order from LPs at a given rate. LP’s can offer future harvests, Processors and Wholesalers can secure that product at set rate for future harvests.

Dispensaries can buy product at wholesale rates from various producers and distributors.
be assured of the best available rates always have legal product. Always be kept apprised of new product available directly on your desktop and mobile the second they become available.

An on-board messaging system facilitates private negotiation between participants as well as mass communication to segments of the industry or the industry as a whole.

All transactions are tracked by the chain, creating a verifiable, on-ledger record.

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